Apple iPhone SE – Final Launch Date, Price and Specs

The awaited phone Apple iPhone SE is going to be launched in India on 8th April 2016. But, Indians are quite disappointed this time; by the pricing of iPhone SE. Apple has priced iPhone SE at 39,000 INR, which is the reason behind the dissatisfaction of Indian fans. Though, Indians are not happy, but, Analysts say that this is a witty decision made by Apple regarding growth.

After iPhone SE launch in Beijing, China, people are contented to get iPhone 6S features in the size of 5S or we can say in a 4-inch screen size. Apple has become a status symbol in the world, but its decreasing prices are making it reach in every other hand. The price of iPhone 5S is rapidly declining, and it would get cheaper after the start of selling of SE. So, it is good news for iPhone fans who can’t afford an iPhone; they can go for 5S when its cost gets lower.

Coming to iPhone SE specifications

Size- We very well know, people still believe that the smaller iPhones were of the perfect size they always wanted. It was handy and was impeccable for their pocket. They found iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S to be bit bigger. So, the best part about SE is its size. 4-inch screen will enclose all the fantastic features we got in 6S.

Camera- Camera addicted? Then you will just love it. Camera embedment in smartphones has affected the sales of Digital Cameras. SE would include the camera specifications of latest 4.7inch iPhones. 5S had the Rear Camera of 8-megapixel and the Front Camera of 1.2-megapixel. 6S was upgraded with 12-megapixel at the rear and 5-megapixel at the front. SE will contain 12MP at the rear and 1.2MP at the front which is a good deal as it would support Live Photos and 4K Video Shoot.

Display- 4-inch Retina Display with 326PPI pixel display.

Processor and Other Specifications- iPhone SE has been embedded with A9 Chip and 64-Bit Architecture and M9 Motion co-processor. It sports 1GB RAM, and the variant of 16GB storage will be sold at 39,000 INR. It has given four color variants – Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold. Fingerprint Scanner is obviously there just like other models.

If we talk about individuals, then much of the crowd is waiting for iPhone 7 and are not much attracted by iPhoneSE. Owners of 6 and 6S are showing least interest in SE. 5 and 5S owners may shift to SE for its features but the way Apple always creates an extraordinary excitement among its customers was not seen this time. People are also bit confused as there is no change in the design. I think Apple should have rather attracted its customers with at least something new in its design.

Nothing much can be said right now. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best response to the new Apple Product.