Shipment of the Light Phone smartphone will begin from November 30

Shipment of the Light Phone smartphone will begin from November 30

While it is hard to imagine a day without our smartphones, it sometimes intrudes our personal space. For people who feel the same, few startup companies have come with that have found a solution to this problem. Reports suggest previously delayed shipment of the Light Phone smartphone will begin from November 30.

Light phone backed by Kickstarter was launched earlier this year claiming that it would start shipping its ‘anti-smartphone in May. Though, it seems that the company has bumped into ‘few restraint’ that have resulted in delays and now the shipment of Light Phone will begin from November 30, from its Yantai, China factory.

The company’s official website announced that it is still in beta and are running into few bumps in their initial experience goals because of some iOS restrictions. The company is making turning on call forward slightly more manual, and the light weight of the phone will not be affected whatsoever. Currently, it is experimenting with different options for their beta users. But the shipment will begin soon as they no longer want to delay and will continue to provide the software update to early adopters.


The company claims that the first batch of the phone which will be offered in white colour variant will be shipped in November whereas early supporters will receive the phones in December.

The company further said that it would continue to roll out the batched over the subsequent weeks. The night colourway (Black) will be shipped out of the factory around the first or second week of January; the company is yet to finalise the date on that one.

The Light Phone was launched with a price tag of $100 (Rs. 7,000 approximately) claiming to be the opposite of smartphone, and it forward calls from your regular smartphone with the help of an app. At the launch event, the company claimed that the device is designed to be used as little as possible. Its battery can last up to three weeks on just a single charge, and it doesn’t offer internet support. The device supports 2G Nano-SIM and allows call. Other than that it has touch module, Micro-USB port, and microphone. The device has no optics features as well.