While making the emergency call OnePlus 5 reboots; this might be the bug in the device


If we trust some of the users’ complaints, then the recently launched OnePlus cell phone may have a bug that reboots the smartphone while dialing the emergency number.

The issue was first found by examiner Nick Morrelli, who chanced upon it when trying to interface with the police by dialing 911 utilizing his OnePlus 5. Morrelli says he has possessed the ability to recreate the mistake, which is additionally exhibited in the video.

About the issue-

All I can think about that would impact this is a red button that said something in regards to locating me but don’t remember exactly, then reboot. This was something that doesn’t show up when you’re making a customary call,” Morrelli included. A few Reddit clients have verified similar facing issues on their OnePlus 5 devices. We took after similar strides on our unit test and didn’t face the previously mentioned issue. Some different clients on the same Reddit string likewise said they didn’t face the issue.


It stays unclear what’s setting off the bug, and exactly what numbers of devices are affected. In any case, it is likely a product bug that could be settled with an update. Nevertheless, it is an unfortunate bug to be on your device. A phone’s failure to dial emergency number could prove serious for customers in terrible need.

What’s causing the problem remains to be seen. Some pictures have suggested it affects to the phone’s GPS functionality. It could be the device faces a problem while using GPS to provide the information of location to the person at the other end of the call, something emergency service operators look to influence. Should this be the case, the issue may not be limited to 911 calls.

This isn’t the main issue the OnePlus’ main flagship smartphone has to keep running into. The OnePlus 5 additionally had a problem to which many individuals are calling “jelly-scrolling” bug that reduces the interface incorrectly when you scroll through a webpage or app.  At that point there are reports about the OnePlus 5 neglecting to change stereo left and right sound channels when the introduction of the cell phone was turned around; and a different confirmation from a user who guaranteed that his OnePlus 5 unit didn’t have the volume button.

“We have reached the user and are as of now investigating the issue. We ask anybody getting a similar circumstance to get in touch with us at support@oneplus.net,” OnePlus said in an announcement, reserving any explanation.