Oppo F1 Full Review, Pros Cons, Features Details

If you are one of those people who just can’t resist taking selfies, then there is a smartphone in the market which can cater your needs. Released in this month of January Oppo F1 is a blessing for those who tend to post each and every moment of their lives on Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

As soon as you hear the term ‘F1’ the images of Fast supercars might be rushing through your brain. You might be thinking that this phone has a lot to offer regarding performance, and it will blow out the expectations of the users. But, try and keep calm as Oppo F1’s manufacturers tend to have no such expectations from their device. The phone, however, does offer some unique design as well as a sense of style, which is something we have missed quite a while from the mid-range smartphone market. Let’s dive a little deeper and see what this device has to offer.

Oppo F1 Display

Design and Look Oppo, this time, offers a decent hardware and a screen size of 5.0 inches, which is all wrapped in a classic oppo style. This phone is designed in a way similar to R7 model of the company. The phone regarding its appearance is pleasant looking and tends to provide a fresh outline, rather than copying various premium phone manufacturers like Apple.

Although most of the design is similar to its predecessor, Oppo F1 has its screen protected with Gorilla Glass 4. One thing that helps this phone earn brownie points is the metal alloy frame on the four sides of the screen which gives an added protection. Apart from this, the volume buttons are on the left, and the right side accompanies SIM Card slot and power button. On the top, there is a 3.5mm audio jack, while there are three touch buttons on the bottom. The phone feels good in hands and is 134 grams in weight. It is 7.5mm in thickness and is easy to carry.

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Software Like its predecessors, Oppo comes in loaded with Android 5.1 and a ColorOS 2.1 UI. Unlike most of the phones nowadays, Oppo F1 also does not contain and app drawer, and there are loads of pre-installed Oppo applications such as O-cloud, etc.

The phone has a pleasant interface, and various file explorer items are neatly arranged into numerous categories. Going into the Settings of the phone, it has three prime tabs, i.e. Sound, Display and General Settings. F1 tends to support numerous gestures for quick access and the drop down menu shows 15 quick access settings and notification area. In totality the ColorOS has given a pleasant and easy to understand outlook to the user.

Touch and Display As mentioned above Oppo F1 is fitted with a 5 inches display panel and a Gorilla Glass 4 screens. The phone has a pixel density of 294ppi, which is less as compared to the other smartphones which offer Full HD display. Providing a resolution of 720p this phone is decent in terms of display but could have been better. The colors appear all natural; however, there is a bit of a bluish tint visible. There are no issues with regards to display; however, there isn’t anything to be proud of.

Oppo F1 Camera

Camera This is what the main USP of the phone is as per the company officials are to be believed. The phone comes in equipped with a 13MP back and an 8MP front camera. The front camera sports f/2 aperture and clicks good sefies in well-lit conditions. Users even have the choice of processing and improving the quality of the image using the beautify mode provided. It also comes with an on-screen flash which helps you click images in low light situations. However, noise is clearly seen after utilizing the front camera flash.

Concerning its rear camera, Oppo F1 does disappoint us a little bit. The images clicked through this camera are more biased towards including highlights and there is a petite attention paid to details. In daylight, images noise control is good, but in the low light, a significant amount of noise is visible. The video quality of the image is not apt for social media sharing.

Battery Life This phone comes powered with a non-removable battery of 2500mAh which lasts for an entire day under nominal usage. If you tend to be an avid gamer then you would need an extra power source as under gaming, the battery drains much quicker. Also, if we talk about the standby time, 7 to 8 percent of the battery is drained overnight with only one SIM installed. If two SIMs are dropped in, then this level tends to hit 10 percent mark.

Phone Accessories Upon unboxing the device, you can find the usual warranty card and user manual. Apart from this, you will get a transparent back cover and a wall charger with a USB cable. And hola!! Music lovers, there is a decent piece of earphones for you.

Variants This phone is available in two colors white and gold, and each of these is priced at 13999. If you go with our choice, then the Gold color looks pretty good.

Verdict Now, as we told you before, if you are a selfie lover then this phone is one that you can go for. There are numerous phones in the market which have laid down the improvement in the front camera, however, this phone has maintained its slim profile while making all these changes.

But, in case you are not too much into selfies and are looking for a phone with a decent battery life, then spending 13, 999 is a bit too much. This phone has many USP’s such as a good OS and a friendly interface, a nice camera, but it fails to satisfy or impress as far as the price of this device is concerned.

Also, in case you want some more options, then there are phones such as Moto X Play, One Plus X, Xiaomi MI4, etc. to consider.

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