Vacuum Cleaner Air Filter: A Guide to Home Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaner Air Filter

The vacuum cleaner is ideal for deep and dust free cleaning around a large room with wall to wall carpet efficiently.

The vacuum cleaners are capable of sucking dirt and grime with less human efforts and time.

When cleaning the floor, the vacuum cleaner raises up a lot of dust, grime, pet hairs and micro dirt elements back to the existing base. Thus the sufferers of asthma and allergic people get over affected.

But with the aid of vacuum cleaner filtration, all these issues are washed out. The powerful vacuum air filtration allows you to replace the filters from time to time to maintain the clean and fresh environment.

A bagged vacuum with hepa filter can help eliminating dust and allergies efficiently from your home.

What do you Know about Vacuum Cleaner Air Filter Types?

Vacuum filters are mainly classified into two types:

Primary Vacuum Cleaner Filters:

Most of the vacuum cleaner come up with many filters regardless of their work to perform. One of the filters acts as a primary one which is efficient in accumulating dirt and scuff from the air. Before bushed back to the environment it sucks into the vacuum filters.

Secondary Vacuum Cleaner Filters:

In this type of filters, the air is filtered through the primary filters. Before it contacts with the machine and external environment, it cleans the air neatly. It’s better to choose the secondary vacuum filter if you are airborne microbes, allergens, or pet dander sufferers.

What are Different Types of Filters?

Cartridge filters:

The cartridge air filters are not reusable over the time, so you need to be replaced after the time. Before swapping the filter, separate it and throw the trash into the bin to increase the working condition of the vacuum. These filters are made up of rubber casings which are easy to set up and use.  The cartridge filters help as primary or secondary based on the model and design of the vacuum cleaner.

Cloth filters:

The cloth filters are preferable to large vacuum cleaner which are suitable for cleaning large places like industrial sites, shops, and at construction works. They are sturdy, washable and short-term. One can find the cloth filters in older vacuum models, shop-vacuums, integrated vacuums and others.

Vacuum Cleaner Air Filter

Foam Filters:

The secondary filters use foam type. They exclusively filter air from the separation of dirt and others before the insertion of sensitive parts and environment. The significant benefit of these filters is they are re-used with washing. We suggest you go through the manufacturer’s manual before reusing.

Disk Filters:

The primary filters use disk type in which it gets the name due to its shape. Seems like coffee filters and are created with paper or fabric. The latest cordless vacuums like robotic models use disk filters. They are served to pick least to the high amount of dust earlier than you need to change and are expensive. Also, check the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors

What are the special features of vacuum filters?

  • The Air filters provide with HEPA filters to gather the radioactive particles in the air.
  • The Microfresh filters remove the development of bacteria and fungi.
  • Allergen filters aids for the allergenic sufferers.
  • Washable filters are designed to support for reuse like washing and drying.
  • Pet filters to suck the pet hairs which are lifted off from the air.
  • Wet or dry filters intended for the usage of damp or dry vacuum cleaners.
  • Scented filters provide with a fresh odor through the air.
  • ULPA filtersare used in pharmaceutical labs and other unique standards of cleanly places.