The Samsung Bixby has Now Unlocked for the Australia and UK by Samsung

Samsung does not want to remain far behind the Apple and Google after the launch of Siri and Google Assistant respectively from both these companies. Samsung also launched its voice Assistant which is known as Bixby.

Bixby Voice is a voice support provider to which you can ask questions and an order to set reminders. It is an automatic tool that you can instruct to unlock apps, tap the buttons and enter the text without touching your phone.

As confirmed by the Samsung, Bixbi has been unlocked for the countries such as Australia, UK and will be soon available for the other countries. Now it can be used in these countries. But Samsung does not confirm that when it might be available for India.



If the sound confuses, it’s because it is not recognizing. It is definitely different from what is already common in Google’s Apple and Siri Assistant, but it is also extremely powerful.

After getting up and get started with the Samsung’s Bixby Voice service, the list of thrown commands by the company at you in the tutorial can be irresistible. Not only that but if you enter the settings section for instructions for the command, it is shown that it appears to be an endless list of options. Even though, the command of “view this screenshot – at least 75 percent of the messages” available in the S8 Galaxy app only.

Instead of providing a full list of Bixby messages, we think it’s best to show you that you can find a complete list of your phone and highlight some of the helpful instructions.

Keep in mind, general assistant instructions can also be made by Bixby Voice such as installing a phone call, or creating a calendar event or a reminder. Try to highlight interesting features.


Open Bixby home maintenance and tap the menu button on the top right corner followed by Voice apps and apps. Scroll through a list of Bixby apps currently supporting us, and tap on one to open their list.

As Samsung continues to develop Bixby Voice, add more commands and apps or services supported, this listing has been updated.

Since you now have thousands of laws in your hands, let’s focus on some of the most useful things.

How to Open?

“Hi, Bixby open [app].” Usually, that’s where most of your contacts with Bixby will start. Whether “Open Messages and write my wife,” or, “Open Gmail and show me all unread emails from my manager.” Remember, instead of “Hello, Bixby,” you can hold the Bixby button on the left side of the phone.

Helps in Navigation

Since Bixby Voice is designed to match tones and pulls on your phone display, you can use it to scroll up or down, or swipe in any way. Here are some navigation commands to try:

Swipe right, Swipe left, Scroll down, Scroll up, Scroll to the top, Scroll to the bottom, Go back, and Show the home screen.