Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Leaked Images Depicts Several Compromises

Dear Samsung lovers here a good news for you all that after a long wait we get to spot the Galaxy S8 Active from its front. Most of the users were tensed about thick bezels, but now you can feel a bit relaxed. The present design also has bezels but comparatively less than the normal harsh smartphone. In appearance, it is almost going to be same as the Galaxy S8 in some characteristics and even works like it. It receives some of the biggest complaints about Samsung’s flagship, mainly its obstinate Bixby button. The Samsung’s “Active” models have had a different hardware button that permitted operators to introduce any app of their choice. Regrettably, that’s the first to go in this generation of Galaxy S8. For sure, there’s still a hardware button, but it’s not the Active button. It’s not the Bixby key but to keep the Bixby button Samsung will do anything.


Another thing to go is the curved ends. That’s no astonishment actually, as the Galaxy S8 Active wants to have bumpers all around to give it its new rough nature. The Samsung S8 active is no longer an infinity display, but the bezels are still under the adequate thin range. There are no hardware keys on the front just as the Galaxy S8 itself, all the chaos is on the other side.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Peeping on the specs side, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, with 4GB RAM and 64 GB storage capacity. It is rumored to have 12 MP rear camera which is fantastic. The battery life of S8 active is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, i.e., 4000 mAh which is brilliant and best for the consistent users.

All the specs as mentioned above are rumored so before coming to any conclusions we should for the official announcements.