Increase in price of PlayStation Plus in India from 31 August

Sony has increased the price of PlayStation subscriptions in India, a service that allows access to games online for multiplayer, cloud, and fee each month. PlayStation has about 110 million users across the world.

In an e-mail to the PlayStation Plus customers, Sony has said that the service will change on August 31 (4:31, 31 August) at 12:01 AM BST. This also means that up until 31st August, your subscription can be bought at the current price, which will then be stacked on your current membership period. Prices are as follows:


New PlayStation Plus India Rates

One year the subscription to PlayStation Plus is Rs. 4,439 (previously Rs 3,999)

The three-month PlayStation Plus subscription is Rs. 1,869 (previously Rs 1,599)

One month’s PlayStation plus subscription is Rs. 599 (first Rs 576)

Two years ago, India saw value-added pricing with Europe. For Sony, India comes in Europe and pays the same kind of price. And when the PlayStation Plus members of UK have reported the increase of PlayStation Plus, we have approached Sony India to find out whether it is real to ensure equality in all areas or due to GST, who has made online services increased the price.

Last year, the prices of PlayStation Plus were high in the US and Canada. An annual subscription costs you $ 59.99 / $ 69.99 CAD while a quarterly subscription will return you from September 22 to $ 24.99 / $ 29.99. The monthly plan for $ 9.99 is the same in the United States, while Canadians will have to pay $ 11.99 CAD.

“This is the first time that the number of members of the PS Plus will increase in the US and Canada after the beginning of service in 2010. New prices reflect current market conditions while continuing to provide us exceptional value for our members. The benefits and features that enable the shared experience, you will continue to enjoy, such as online multiplayer, free games and limited discounts, “at the time, PlayStation Plus Content Partner Powered by Greg Lewickyj.”You want to get exclusive games such as online game storage and discounts in the PlayStation Digital Services.”