iPad Pro 2 images leaked

iPad Pro 2 images leaked

The apparently released first-look images of the next Apple iPad Pro 2, model number MH1C2CS/F has floated up in China. The images were released in a well-known Apple tech threshold by an anonymous person. According to the reports, the images have been leaked within a Chinese supplier. So finally, 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 images leaked.

Even though it is hard to recognize the content from the released pictures, but the device has been identified with the model- MH1C2CD/F. This figuring has not been assigned to any previous iPads.

Where one photo has a massive light display, the other seems normal featuring Chinese font. If the images leaked are valid then we can expect Apple iPad Pro in white and black color options.

Reportedly the leaked images show that the iPad have a storage capacity of12 GB, though this kind of storage ability has no bearing in the present gadget market.

It is difficult to determine the screen size and other features including design and hardware with preciseness.

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However, Apple is getting ready to release a 12.9-inch version of iPad Pro in September. This upcoming device is expected to feature an A10X processor and advanced camera. Additionally, we can also expect the amalgamation of True Tone display technology which can adjust the color temperature of the tablet automatically according to the surrounding. This feature was also in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro in March last year.

As for the release date of iPad Pro 2, no official announcement has been made by the company until now.  According to the on hand information, we can expect that iPad Pro 2 will initiate the production by September and will hopefully make the announcement in November.

As for now, we know that iPhone 7 will be launched in September. It is unlikely that the tablet will be launched with it.

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