Call drops!

Call drops!

Mobile operators have committed to invest RS 12,000 crore in installing about 60,000 towers to check call drops in India. It cannot be the one and final solution to this menace.
To check the call drops Trai has demanded more teeth, imposing fine of up to RS 10 crore on operators and jail terms for two years.
Responding to Trai’s demand, Deepak said that this is not a usual business, and it cannot happen that way. He is not sure if penal power will be the final solution to this. In his opinion, he does not agree that for every call drop a person has to be sent to jail. He also added that this is his personal views probably they are more sophisticated and complicated, but they will take a view on what Trai said.
The secretary said that the mobile operators have promised to install 60,000 towers to improve service quality. He also added that the government believes in telecom sector so the quality of service should be improved, and it’s their responsibility.

call drops

Call Drops

They promised to have 60,000 towers and each tower costs around RS 20 lakh. The company will make this investment in next three months. Each operator presented his 100-day plan for improving quality services and raised issues in networks.

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Most of the mobile service providers have failed in sample call drop tests, but the telecom operators have contested the results by saying that they comply with the benchmark set by the regulator.
To check these call drop issue, Trai told the operators to compensate their subscribers for dropped calls. The order was, however, dismissed by the Supreme Court of India.
After analyzing the orders given by the court, Trai then proposed amendments in laws to allow an imposing penalty of up to RS 10 crore on mobile operators and jail term for two years on their executives for any violation done against the regulatory framework.

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