Here’s how you can do Adhaar card verification using UIDAI website

Do you believe that the contact information registered with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for your base is correct? If not, then we recommend that you visit the UIDAI website and check it yourself. Aadhar Card is now becoming the most important identity proof. And in view of this, the government has made it mandatory to link the Aadhaar card with PAN card to file tax. Therefore its need has increased. Now UIDAI has provided an online tool to verify whether the number given on the Aadhaar card is correct or not.

To verify that your contact number is correct in Aadhaar card, you need to go to the UIDAI website’s homepage and select the option of the Verify Email / Mobile Number under the Aadhaar Services tab. In the new tab, you have to provide information such as Aadhaar number, email address and mobile number, and enter a security code. It is worth noting that the UIDAI Security Code will detect case sensitive and small and upper case letters in different ways.

The process to Verify Email Addresses on UIDAI Website


In order to verify the email address, the user needs to enter the support number, email address, and a security code on the UIDAI platform. After this, he will get an OTP on his email address, which will need to be inserted in the given space on the right side of the page. If the entries are valid and got matched, then the system says “Congratulations! The Email ID matches with our records!”

The process to verify contact number on UIDAI website

The user now needs to enter the mobile number instead of the email address and can be validated from the website when the OTP comes on the mobile number. The rest of the process is similar to the email address verification. If the entry is valid and matches then the system “Congratulations! The Mobile Number matches with our records!”



UIDAI is aware that the information given for the update is correct and any kind of confusion can put you in trouble later on. That is why it is important that you keep all the information related to your correct identity in UIDAI records.

Adhaar is that type of ID proof which cannot be used by any other person instead of himself because they demand finger scanning in it to verify the person.