WhatsApp affirmed to come up with its desktop version

Six years ago, in January 2010, a company was founded which made the communication easy and convenient. The Whatsapp Inc, now owned by Facebook Inc has exceptionally tied over 1 billion users on its app and is unquestionably the best chatting platform ever. The messaging app has travelled an incredible journey and has aimed to go a long way.

As we know, throughout the life of Whatsapp, the messaging app has come up with several enhancements features on the Android and the iOS version for its customers. The app has recently come up with features like extension in the number of group members, attachment of document, etc, and is going to come up with “call back” and video feature calling.

Now the rumors are in the air that the company is going to roll out its desktop version. It has been anticipated that WhatsApp will come with a standalone desktop application for Windows and Mac OS users.

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The root of the rumors is Twitter, not affiliated by WhatsApp. The particular social networking site has posted the images showcasing that the WhatsApp is working on the standalone version and is soon to come out with it.

Last year, WhatsApp came up with a web extension application, a WhatsApp Web that replicated the content of mobile on the desktop by using mobile data. Even after the browser has to open, it makes the users inconvenient in using the application.

The leaked images by Twitter on the development of standalone App are not to be fully believed and should be taken with a pinch of skepticism because nothing has been officially announced by the company.

If the Twitter post is to be true, then the people who will be benefitted by the standalone app will be the professionals who spend their most of the time in working on the computer.

Whatsapp, in India, is being recently in talks because of the integration of advanced 256-bit encryption. The messaging app is facing the mixed review regarding the feature and is currently in a big problem. One part of the mob is supporting the step, and the other section is opposing the move.

Talking of the opposition, people who are not for the particular step have filed the petition against it.  Sudhir Yadav, an RTI activist from Gurgaon, has filed a petition in the Supreme Court asking for the absolute ban on the particular messaging app. WhatsApp was banned temporarily in Brazil country for 72 hours for the same reason.