Xbox One S leaked

Xbox One S leaked

The Xbox one S leaked before its planned announcement at Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference tomorrow. Though not much of information is leaked but still it gives us an insight about this gaming device. More details can be expected at the press conference tomorrow. just one picture of this device is leaked so it cannot be judged much by a picture, but it is supposed to have some more features. The device looks awesome in the picture.

A picture of what appears to be a white Xbox One with an infrared sensor has found its way on the web. Xbox One S is a slim version of Xbox One or the Xbox Mini. The Xbox one S is slimmer, sleeker and sharper.

The new Xbox One S  is featuring a 40% smaller console. It has a 2TB hard drive. It has HD videos. This Xbox One S has 4K Ultra HD video.  It is of high dynamic range with a streamlined controller and a vertical stand. It is expected to release in August, this year.

You can expect a lot more at E3 2016 from the Redmond-based company.

Xbox One S

Xbox One

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According to Windows, insider Brad Sams the Microsoft’s E3 2016 will showcase what he called ‘Xbox Mini’ which he claims to be real but is not sure of what form it might take. Other than Brad Sams, people said that this Xbox will be 40% lighter in weight and much easy to carry. X Box S has been leaked and its features too but we can’t say how much true the rumors are.  It also sounds like Xbox One S power brick is internal. There was no other specification provided about this device.

There is more information which will line up tomorrow at the press conference when this device will be released; this Xbox is expected to launch soon after its release in the press conference tomorrow.

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