Government denies the selling of refurbished iPhones in India

The hot potato in the world is the discussion of the decline of the market share of Apple in most of the developed countries. The tech giant has lost market in China by 11 percent and on another hand in developing countries like India, it rose by 56%, last year. But, the increment in Indian market is not so good because it didn’t happen as it was planned.

Hence, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple plans to enter the Indian market especially because of its large population size. As he said,” India today has around 50 per cent population at 25 years of age or younger. It’s a very young country. People want smartphones there.”

It seems good that the Apple has certain plans of invading the Indian market, but these plans would be successful only if it comes with new iPhones. Yes! The importing should be of new models only not the used ones to be precise. But that’s not what company plans of. It came to a surprise when the company asks the Indian Government for importing the refurbished models of iPhone and iPad in India.

The telecommunication ministry officials have reprimanded the appeal of the enterprise. According to Bloomberg report, “The US company’s application has been turned down.”

Regarding the importing of pre-owned iPhones, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Rajya Sabha Telecom minister said,” An application from Apple regarding the import of certified pre-owned iPhones for sale in India and manufacturing certified pre-owned iPhones for sale in India has been received in the ministry of environment and forests.” And positively the permission has been rebuked. The telecom ministry did not all alone take the decision, but it was a group verdict and included several ministries from the Prime Minister Office too.

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This is not for the first time that the Apple has come with such proposal. The previous application made by the company was also rejected by the Environment Ministry. They claimed that if the offer was accepted than the e-waste will increase as the phones will be close to their end life.

The main reason for not granting the application is that it will confront the, ’Make in India’ initiative and burden the country with the electronic waste.  As per 56% increasing the sales in India, Apple Denies to increase the 29% Hike on iPhone Price.

Apple currently has the 2% share in the Indian market and plans to expand more. With the refurbished iPhones sale, the company expects that the share will be augmented, mainly solving the price issue. Against this, Mobile and Communications Council of India has strongly opposed it. The members of the council consist of the largest smartphone brands like Samsung, Micromax, and Intex.

The main reason of combating is that if the fear of the company solves the price issue, then they might lose the market.

Apart from this, Apple has also asked the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), to open the retail outlets in India.