iPhone lovers must be eagerly waiting for iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone has been in trend since 2007; it is interesting how people get amazed by this beauty. Just a year back Apple company launched their iPhone 6 and 6s, and now very soon they’ll be coming up with something even amazing.

iPhone 7 has been the talk of the town after the news about its launch broke out. It has all the modified settings and a super modified look. In today’s era people are fascinated by these super cool gadgets. iPhone 7 is going to be one of them. Apple isn’t going to launch its next generation until the fall of 2016, so there are still months of development for this phone left. People with their hopes high are eagerly waiting for iPhone 7 to launch.

Apple’s iPhone is expected to bring new design and add more features in this phone. Iphone 6 and 6s took over people really well. After all this, people are looking forward to this new beauty to launch this year. How wonderful the technology is in today's era you can do anything with a phone in your hand and after hearing to all those rumors about the super cool features and modified look, it’s just beyond our imagination to know how useful this phone will be for each one of us.

After the loss of the choices in iPhone 6s, Apple is cutting over to the choice of 16GB and the minimum GB available in iPhone 7 will be 32 GB. People are expecting three new models in Iphone 7. The Iphone 7 leak reveals an essential new upgrade in the phone. It is being expected that the iPhone 7 will be sleeker and wider than the previous iPhones. It might be of 5.5 inches.

Oh gosh!

All the iPhone lovers must be eagerly waiting for the launch and for all new experience they would get just in a handset. There were some expected features to this new iphone model. They are- There are chances that there would be no headphone jack. It might have some wireless settings for it. There will be a dual lens for iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus would also have a smart connector. The design is going to be similar to the iPhone 6, but it would have two screen sizes.

Obviously, with every new model of an iPhone, there is an upgraded processor. Every year a new model is launched, this year it is going to be an iPhone 7, but rumors are there that it might be named as iPhone pro. Like the name suggests it might be a huge success. Apple products have always been a luxury gadget and just to add to it who wouldn’t want the taste of luxury in their lives.

How fast iPhone 7 will replace iPhone 6 can be judged only after the launch of this phone. Technology has become more advanced.

iPhone 7 might become the status icon for the upcoming year like iPhone 6.

IPhone 7 coming soon…

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