Is Apple Inc. Planning to Bring Apple Pencil To Macs?

Is Apple Inc. Planning to Bring Apple Pencil To Macs?

According to the recent buzz, Apple Inc has obtained a patent for the latest technology that hints that the company is planning to take the ability of its pencil to another level. As per patent 9,400,570, the pencil will be doing much more than scribbling and drawing on a touchscreen. Is Apple Inc. Planning to Bring Apple Pencil To Macs?


The patent hints that the new pencil will be gifted to perform without touching the screen or either device they are projected for. addition to amplified performance, it will allow the users to use the pencil as a joystick and a controller for the purpose of controlling functions on the display. Basically, it indicated that Apple Pencil may work with Mac’s Magic Trackpad in the future.

There was already a buzz that Apple will permit MacBook pro-2016 to back stylus on its Trackpad. Now the talk about next generation Apple pencil has fueled up. On the other hand, Apple is not likely to design a stylus particularly for Mac.


If rumors and media news are to be believed the coming version of Apple version will be much more powerful than the previous version on its use on iPad Pro. One of the widely expected features on the next generation Apple pencil is the pressure sensitive sensor at the tip. There are also rumors about the Apple pencil being able to detect in-air gesture which allows the users to manage slide presentation on their Keynote or MS Office.

Though there is no assurance that the company will put in the pointed feature in the next generation Apple pencil. Apple is the company which is known to bring new technologies into life, on a regular basis. Technologies that has never known before. Seeing the success Apple pencil has achieved till now, we can say that the coming Pencil will be something to look forward to.

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