Jio Fibre Broadband Plans Available, Know How To Apply

Jio Fibre Broadband Plans Available, Know How To Apply

The India’s LTE mobile network operator is coming to be known as Jio or Reliance Jio Infocom Limited. It is a subsidiary of Reliance which owns it completely. The headquarter of this company is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. By providing end-to-end digital solutions for household, institutions and businesses, Jio makes a promise to shape the future of India. Wireless 4G LTE service network is provided by this operator. Due to this 4G LTE service network and endless voice calling offers this network is getting the attention. Jio can provides a distinct combination of high-speed data, media, telecom, payment services and digital commerce.

Today, it is moving towards broadband market which is a beholder of a large number of customers. We can get the highest speed in India by super fast 1Gbps Jio Fibre Broadband Services at the economical price which starts from INR 500 per month. The plans provided by Reliance Jio are termed as “GigaFiber Welcome Offer”. According to these plans, high speed Jio Fiber broadband services are provided for public testing. These plans are categorised as gold, silver and platinum. Now we will discuss the Jio fibre broadband plans (according to data speed, data volume and special offer) and way of applying them in the following manner.

  • JIO Fibre Broadband Plans Based On Speed

These plans are meant for the customers who want to run the internet on high speed. The range of the speed of these plans is from 50 Mbps to 600 Mbps. The plans of this category are valid for 30 days. The main focus of these plans is data speed to data cap is 2000 GB for 50Mbps and with the upgradation, data usage becomes 300 GB for 600 Mbps plan (downgraded).

Speed Data Cap Free App Usage validity
50 Mbps 2000 GB INR 1500 30
100 Mbps 1000 GB INR 2000 30
200 Mbps 750 GB INR 3500 30
400 Mbps 500 GB INR 4000 30
600 Mbps 300 GB INR 5500 30


  • Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Plans Based On Volume

Along with speed provided by Jio Fiber Broadband Service the main requirement fulfilled by it is data usage. The limit was imposed on data usage per month in previous plans, but in these plans, the limit is imposed on data usage per day by which we can use more data per month. Their range starts from 5GB per day plans which we can afford easily. The validity of these plans is 30 days. The data limit for the final plan is 60 GB per day.

Per Day Data Usage Free App Usage Validity
5 GB INR 1000 30
10 GB INR 2000 30
20 GB INR 3000 30
40 GB INR 4000 30
60 GB INR 5000 30
  • Jio Fiber Broadband Special Offer Plans

The range of these plans starts from the most affordable plans whose price is INR 500 per month along with 600 GB of data. The connectivity speed provided by this plan will be 15 Mbps. The price of unlimited data plan is Rs 800 for 30 days along with internet speed of 10 Mbps. We can subscribe unlimited plan for 1 day with no speed limit at Rs 400 for testing purpose.

Price Data Speed Validity
INR 500 600 GB 15 Mbps 30
INR 1000 500 GB 25 Mbps 30
INR 500 3.5 GB/Day N/A 30
INR 500 * 60 Mbps 30
INR 800 Unlimited 10 Mbps 30
INR 400 Unlimited N/A 1


Way Of Applying For Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service

The availability of Jio Giga fibre Broadband service is currently in Pune and Mumbai. If we want to apply for this service plan, then we have to fill the form available in The service providers will inform us about the availability of Jio Fiber broadband in our area.