Namotel World Cheapest Smartphone at Rs. 99

The 21st-century Era is a smartphone Era, where an uncountable number of smartphone companies had entered the technology market in changing the future of the world and encouraging the use of the smartphones to the general public. If we talk about various countries where still poverty prevails, then they are not able to fetch the expensive smartphones. So, to spread the use of the smartphone, the smartphone brands as you know Docoss X1 and Freedom 251 has already come up with the cheap smartphones. And now, the new entrant has announced to sell the smartphones at just a price of Rs.99 on 19th May. The handset is dubbed as Namotel Ache Din making the world’s cheapest smartphone ever.

The Namotel Ache Din, however, doesn’t sound legitimate will be available on the company’s website via registrations and will continue till 25th May. The particular smartphone will feature a 4-inch display screen, paired with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The device will run Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system and will be powered by 1.3GHz quad-core processor assisting the 1325mAh battery capacity. Other specs include the dual-SIM card slots, 3G connectivity and a 2MP rear camera with a VGA front camera.

On the commencing of Namotel Ache Din, the company says, “We make this product to show love for India it is a ‘Make In India’ initiative. This model is limited, and it is applicable only for India and who holds Aadhar Identity.”

The, company’s website has displayed that the smartphone will be available on the cash-on-delivery basis. Another thing, what site has demonstrated is that the price of the smartphone is slashed from Rs.2999 to Rs. 99. Further on, the note was stated on the site, ‘Pictures shown on the website is for illustration purposes only’. And, about this message, the company says, “Joy and freedom represent the logo! The same joy will flourish in billion Indians In the form of smart Connect with (3 different looks and shapes) Android Smart powerful Phone at 99.”

A contradictory thing, which is disappointing that when the user clicks on the tab to ‘Know More’ about the Namotel phone, nothing is being displayed, and the page couldn’t load more.

As mentioned above, the company is following the heels of DocossX1 and Freedom 251 is trying to compete the company with such a cheap phone just a price of Rs.99. Although, no company has not yet met their requirements and is expected to do so soon. Let’s see the Namotel Ache Din is no hoax.

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