Reliance Jio helped India rank 15 in 4G availability

Reliance Jio is an LTE mobile network operator in India. It offers a unique and excellent combination telecom, digital commerce, 4G internet data and payment services. Reliance Telecommunications believes that the India has potential to lead the world with its capabilities in innovation. All of us have seen the success of reliance Jio in the very starting six months attracting millions of customers.

A survey regulated by London-based wireless coverage mapping signal on Wednesday revealed that India is on 15th position in 4G network availability because of Reliance Jio. The report of OpenSignal ‘state LTE’, shows that in the third quarter of 2016 4G data availability was 71.6 % which in the first quarter of 2017 jumped to 81.6 %.

Reliance Jio 4G network

Berden Gill CEO and co-founder, OpenSignal, in his statement said that ‘India is an active and fast-changing mobile market.  The government and other stakeholders are continuing to grab the huge opportunity and raise the global rankings across all boundaries, to establish solid mobile experience and high quality for one billion users.

In India, the normal 4G download speed is 5.1 Mbps in the starting six months. Various surveys depict that this 4G downloading speed is comparatively faster than the standard global 3G downloading speed, i.e., 4.4 Mbps. In the Indian market the availability of other operators then Jio hovered around 60 %. The highest score in the supply of 4G internet speed is South Korea and the second largest 4G speed country is yet not revealed.

The information for the survey conducted by OpenSignal had been collected from the average consumer smartphone and almost covered seventy-five countries. The report also shows that the US has come to the 4th position from 10th. Moreover, as usual, Japan is leading, and South Korea is continuing to escort the world in LTE and speed availability. It is observed that Singapore provides very high speed and Japan was at 25 Mbps. The Reliance Jio fastest 4G network in India is providing unique offers to the users. Jio offers are giving a tough competition to other telecoms.