Samsung Electronics to launch an artificial intelligence assistant service

Samsung Electronics to launch an artificial intelligence assistant service

Samsung Electronics to launch an artificial intelligence assistant service in the coming flagship of the company, as the company tries to come back from its global recall of Galaxy Note 7

The company explained, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will allow the users to order food or perform other tasks without going through a third-party application instead simply ask the device’s virtual assistant.

The artificial intelligence service will be made accessible to the other Samsung product’s as well, for instance, refrigerators. Though the company refused to disclose exactly what tasks will the Galaxy S8 perform through its artificial intelligence support.

The company is tipped to launch the Galaxy S8 flagship handset in spring as it has done on many occasions in the past. A good sale from the Galaxy S8 is a must for the company to recover from the sudden drop in the business. Its latest quarterly profit is nearly washed out because of the global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 devices. The company estimates it has lost 5.3 billion dollars as it ceased the model which caught fire and overheated.


The company explained that until the last month it was not figured out what exactly went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The South Korean tech giant joined the pursuit to create digital assistant service when it bought Viv Labs Inc. in October. It is a Silicon Valley startup that was launched by the same entrepreneurs who sold Siri to Apple. While the current Samsung smartphone also offer a voice assistant service named as “S Voice” developed within, it did not gain much traction.

Executives of Samsung and Viv Labs explained that a huge difference between the present digital assistant and the one the company is developing is that the latter will be an “open AI platform”, it means that the third party developers will be allowed to offer  their services through Samsung’s AI platform.

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