Apple buys machine learning startup Turi to make Siri better

Apple buys machine learning startup Turi to make Siri better

The tech giant, Apple just placed itself in one of the trendiest regions in the technology world. It purchased a machine learning start-up, Turi for $200 million.  Apple buys machine learning startup Turi to make Siri better. An Apple spokesperson put forward the company’s general report related to the transaction saying that the company always acquires small technology businesses, and it usually does not talk about the purpose behind the acquisition.

Turi is lead by the Amazon professor of machine learning at the University of Washington, Carlos Guestrin. He is also a professor of computer science and engineering.

For Apple, Machine learning is not a new concept. While it does not use it at a big scale like Google, it has been using AI/Machine learning ideology in Siri.

Apple buys machine learning startup Turi to make Siri better

To define Machine learning, it is the field of studies where you make computers learn. A machine learning algorithm is a computer program that educates computer devices to program it so that users do not have to explain it about the task they want to achieve.

When it comes to Machine Learning, Google has set a high mark. It has sponsored an open basis stage known as TensorFlow. It is cloud based which has profound learning systems along with Neutral networks.

Lately, Samsung Ventures group also has been taking an interest in Machine Learning start-ups. Samsung also has invested in companies like MindMeld and Zimperium.

Along with frequent comments by Tim Cook, this news is pretty reliable. In the most recent conference call, he stated that Machine learning is a technology which offers improved facial and picture recognition in the images, guessing the word pick while typing the mail and texts, and grants context responsiveness in maps to facilitate better directions.

Apple is attempting to place Apple TV as the next big thing in future television with home mechanization and smart Siri Controls.


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