ATMs Near You

ATMs Near You – Apps that will help you

With the demonetization of the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, came the long queues outside the ATMs. If you are looking for ways to see if an ATM nearby you is working, then technology is here to your rescue. This cash crisis has directed several individuals as well as organisations to come with means to help you find an answer to the continuously revolving question in your mind- where is the nearest ATM? While some of this tool will locate the ATMs near you, some will inform you how long the queues are I front of the ATMs.

1.  Cash No Cash launched by Quikr and NASSCOM, is a site that facilitates you with information about the ATMs with cash in your locality on the basis of your pincode. Just type of your pincode in the search box and hit the Find Cash button to find the nearby ATMs that are working and have cash in them. The website will highlight the ATMs with cash in green pins, the ones with long queue will be in orange, and out-of-cash ones will be in the red.

cashnocash-app2. Walnut

Walnut is a personal finance management app that allows you to position ATMs with cash in your vicinity. This app has around 2 million users and tracks when they have withdrawn cash from an ATM. Based on this it will provide a list of ATMs that are still working, the user base also gives details like the length of the queue. It says that it is preparing to add details regarding the availability of specific notes at the ATMs, in their next update.

walnut3. ATM Search  is a website that facilitates the users with information regarding the status of ATMS near them. just type the location and hit the Search ATM button. It will show a list of ATMS, and inform you if there is cash in the machine or not, and how long is the queue. It is a crowdsourced website. Thus it allows the users to update the information about presented ATMs in the database and let the users add unlisted ATMs by giving basic details like bank name, location, and crowd status.

atm-search4. CMS ATM Finder

CMS infosystems is a company that supervises 55,000 ATMs across India. It has set up an ATM finder tool that supplies information on ATMs that are working; users can select any city and search for a machine that is still supplying cash. While it is only limited to 55,000 CMS ATMs, it has the benefit of verified information, straight from the company the operate the ATMs.

cms-atm-finder5. Other ATM Finders

While the apps mentioned above will surely help you, few others may come handy in these situations like Google Maps and Nearby. You can also use social media to locate ATMs near you that are dispensing cash.


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