Iphone 7 – Compensating the lack of headphone jack with an array of features

Iphone 7 – Compensating the lack of headphone jack with an array of features

No doubt  iPhone vogue is high in the market from its first generation to sixth generation iPhone release and has been the king of the smartphone industry. It has received enormous approbation from the iPhone lovers. The iPhone is a smartphone developed by Apple Inc. The first generation of iPhone was released on 29 June 2007. With its, every launch Iphone Company was able to maintain its quality and enthusiasm in people.

Before the launch of iPhone 7, the company has created an environment in the market. iPhone 7 released  date 16 September 2016. Faxconn and Pegatron are names of manufacturers. More than 1 billion units sold, its operating system is IOS, and it has a good memory, storage, display and camera. In a first glance, it has the power to touch the onlooker’s heart and is capable enough to develop a desire to have apple  iphone7 as soon as possible. In comparison to the old generation of iPhone, it is fantastic and more developed. Apple Company gives guarantee for its quality and high tech features which attracts the customers and pull them in a predicament that whether their promises are true or not.

Design and glance:

Design and look of iPhone 7 are fantastic. The size and length of iPhone 7 are great comparatively to other iPhones. It is the brightest and most colourful iPhone with 1334 x 750 px. Applehas superior camera quality, black in colour, incredible battery quality and water resistance. It has no headphone jack. Also, it is designed similar to iPhone 6s. The screen size is 4.7 and 5.5 inch and has amazing visual and internal changes. There is no option of home screen button and has a 12-megapixel sensor.


iPhone 7 smartphone is mechanised by quad-core Apple A10 Fusion processor with 64-bit four cores CPU. It has high-quality operating system original is IOS 10.0 and current is IOS 10.3.1. The CPU of iPhone 7 is 2.34 GHz quad core 64 bit, and GPU is custom power VR series 7XT GT7600 plus (hexacore).  Memory plays a significant role today in any Smartphone, and iPhone 7 is winning hearts in case of memory  7: 2 GB LPDDR4 RAM. Same is the storage case it provides fantastic storage capacity i.e. 32, 128, or 256 GB.


For today’s youth camera is one of the major concerns and iPhone 7 has upgraded its camera quality and pixels which is demanded by the users. You can also compare 7th generation camera with 6s and could observe the difference. It gives a very natural clarity without editing, and it has optical image stabilisation which helps in the improvement of picture quality especially it gives best results during night time. Also, provides fantastic front camera quality which helps in quality face detection, auto HDR. Retina flash etc.

Battery life:

iPhone 7 has failed to maintain its battery backup quality as compared to 6S plus. Even it is in moderate mode and less used you will be able to see the difference. Apple company guarantees that it has good battery life than iPhone 6S, but users don’t found it true. It will hardly run for 6 hours if you are using your device consistently. You can save battery by keeping it on quarter brightness as it serves 15% extra life. It takes around 80 – 90 minutes to get fully charged.


The display quality of iPhone 7 is highly developed giving it brilliant look. It has excellent display, Retina HD quality LED-backLIT IPS LCD with high the resolution.


The price of iPhone 7 in the market is different according to the locations. Hardly there is a difference of one or two thousand rupees. Presently its market value is Rs.48,100 or Rs.47,999. Apple iPhone new launch.

The advantage of iPhone 7:

It is true iPhones has the best quality of software which is suitable for technology lovers. It is easy to handle as provide the accessible pamphlet to understand its features as compared to other smartphone devices pamphlets which are hard to comprehend.

The disadvantage of iPhone 7:

One of the disadvantages of any iPhone is its high price which is not possible for an ordinary person to use iPhone and with its every generation its price is getting higher and higher. It’s battery quality is not so good.